Huawei 6700mAh Power Bank


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Product Description

Huawei 6700mAh Power Bank
Product Code CP07
UPC Code 6901443207664
Huawei Mobile Power Bank (6,700mAh Standard Edition)

CP07 is a Huawei brand 6,700 mAH mobile power bank. It features two 18650 battery cells and multiple protection mechanisms to ensure user safety. The CP07 has a stylish appearance and compact dimensions for ease of carry.
Light and portable
3D texture, non-slip design
10 W bi-directional charging
Supports trickle charging
Multiple safety features
Easy to use, plug and play (automatic detection of devices)
Hidden buttons to prevent accidental touch

Hardware Specifications:


96.5 mm X 43.5 mm X 22.3 mm

120.5 g (without packaging)


Input voltage
4.75–5.25 V

Input current
2.4 A max

USB Type-A

Output voltage
4.85–5.25 V

Output current
2 A
Output ripple
< 150 mVpp

Output conversion efficiency
? 85% measurement with charging line output

< 150 uA

Battery cell
18650 lithium-ion battery cell

Battery indicator
Four white LED indicators

Button type

Charge cycles
300 times. Afterwards, the remaining capacity is no less than 70% of the rated capacity.

Operating temperature
Charging temperature: 0 degrees C to 40 degrees C
Discharging temperature: –10 degrees C to +45 degrees C

Storage temperature
Relative humidity: 45–90% RH
–20 degrees C to +60 degrees C, short term: within one month
–20 degrees C to +45 degrees C, mid-term: within three months
–20 degrees C to +25 degrees C, long term: within one year
(Using the original device in the officially shipped retail box)
The mobile power bank will operate normally under the storage temperatures listed above.
Software specifications
Press the power button when the mobile power bank is not in use and the indicators will light up indicating the current battery capacity of the power bank. The indicators will turn off after 7–13 seconds.
When the mobile power bank is being charged:
Less than 25% charged: Indicator 1 flashes, all other indicators are off
25% to 50% charged: Indicator 1 is steady on, Indicator 2 flashes, all other indicators are off
50% to 75% charged: Indicators 1 and 2 are steady on, Indicator 3 flashes, Indicator 4 is off
75% to 100% charged: Indicators 1-3 are steady on, Indicator 4 flashes
100% fully charged: All indicators are steady on, charging automatically stops

When the mobile power bank is discharging:
Less than 25% discharged: All four indicators are on
25% to 50% discharged: Indicators 1-3 are on, Indicator 4 is off
50% to 75% discharged: Indicators 1 and 2 are on, Indicators 3 and 4 are off
75% to 97% discharged: Indicator 1 is on, Indicators 2-4 are off
97% to 100% discharged: Indicator 1 flashes, Indicators 2-4 are off
100% discharged: All indicators are off

Always on mode: Indicators light up and turn off in succession at a frequency of 0.5 Hz. Not related to battery level.

Special Features
Functional Performance
Stable and reliable system
Battery cell
6,700 mAh (2 × 3,350 mAh), 18650 battery cell: high energy density, safe and stable.

Output conversion efficiency
? 85%

Output voltage
4.85–5.25 V: small ripple, small interference, stable voltage output, standard USB port, wide range of applications.

Output current
Provides up to 2 A of stable output for end devices.

Charge and discharge cycles
300 times. Afterwards, the remaining capacity is no less than 70% of the rated capacity.

Low operating temperature
Operates in low-temperature environments of up to –10 degrees C.

Less than 150 ?A, more durability

12 types of safety features
Battery temperature protection
Automatically detects battery temperature. Powers off automatically if battery temperature is abnormal.
Battery overcharge/overdischarge protection
Uses smart battery protection algorithms to prevent battery overcharge/overdischarge.

Output short-circuit protection
Smart current detection. Self-protection against short-circuiting.

Input overvoltage/undervoltage protection
Automatically detects external input voltage. Automatically cuts off input when abnormal external voltage is detected.

Input overcurrent protection
Smart output current monitoring for automatic overcurrent protection.

Output overvoltage protection
Circuit control in case of increased voltage to stabilize the voltage and ensure the user’s safety.

Output overcurrent protection
Double protection mechanism which monitors the mobile power bank’s output current and ensures safe and stable output.

Electrostatic protection
The product has passed strict electrostatic testing at ±6 kV contact discharge and ±10 kV air discharge.

Electromagnetic field protection
The mobile power bank is equipped with magnetic beads and other anti-radiation components to prevent outside interference from affecting performance.

Vibration, shock, and roller test
The product has undergone severe drop, shock, and roller tests to ensure safety, durability, and reliability.

Temperature and humidity test
The product has undergone harsh temperature and humidity tests to ensure and maintain a normal working condition under harsh environments.

Salt spray test
The product has undergone salt-fog and salt-spray tests to ensure corrosion resistance and adaptability and reliability under harsh environments.
Product safety and environmental protection
The product uses PC + ABS materials for external protection to meet 94V-0 fire safety requirements.

The product meets 94V-0 flame retardant requirements for further safety.

What’s in the Box
1x Mobile power bank
1x Micro-USB data cable (20–22 cm)
1x User’s manual (including warranty card)

12 Month Limited Carry in Warranty

What’s in the box
1x Mobile power bank
1x Micro-USB data cable (20–22 cm)
1x User’s manual (including warranty card)

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