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PanzerGlass is one of the leading screen protection brands in the market – providing screen protection for a vast variety of mobile devices.”


How thick is PanzerGlass?

PanzerGlass is at least 0.4 mm thick which maintains the toughness of the glass, making it capable of sustaining shock damage.


Why is PanzerGlass better than standard film protection?

There are several reasons why PanzerGlass is better than film protection:

Using film protection often causes problems with air bubbles, because film is not a solid material like glass. Therefore, people often struggle with the installation of the film, as it is difficult to get it to sit properly. Most films are also very problematic to reuse, if it have been placed it wrong.

PanzerGlass is more resistant than film, because film usually only protects against scratches. PanzerGlass also protects against scratches and can absorb shock damage.

In contrast to film that often feels rough and “plastic-like”, you will not notice, that PanzerGlass is attached to your mobile device due to the fat, that it is made of real glass. Most new users feel, that they are getting a brand new screen.

Is PanzerGlass unbreakable?

PanzerGlass is designed to break if subjected to shocks or blows. If PanzerGlass does not break in those cases, you will risk the original screen being damaged.
PanzerGlass absorbs damage from shocks and with the built-in anti-shatter film, the glass will not shatter into pieces.

What makes PanzerGlass so resistant?

PanzerGlass is made of tempered glass, which is nine times stronger than ordinary glass. The hardening of the glass is a gentle process, which consists of the glass being heated at 500°C for five hours. This process is what makes the PanzerGlass so resistant.

What is PanzerGlass made of?

PanzerGlass is tempered glass, that is nine times stronger than ordinary glass. PanzerGlass is made up of several layers:

The bottom layer consists of silicone that makes the glass adhere to the screen. This allows PanzerGlass to fit perfectly onto the screen of your mobile device, preventing air bubbles, and thereby preserving 100% touch sensitivity.

The middle layer of the glass consists of a anti-shatter film, which makes the glass more flexible and so it does not splinter upon breaking.

At the top of PanzerGlass there is an oleophobic coating that makes the mobile device resistant to greasy fingers and easy to clean.

Is PanzerGlass made of real glass?

Yes, PanzerGlass is made of real glass. It is custom made Japanese glass that is used for PanzerGlass. The use of glass makes is possible to ensure a high quality in terms of touch sensitivity, a crystal clear display and extra toughness.


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