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Office in Sandton City: Located at 18th Floor Sandton City Office Tower, 158 5th Street, Sandton City, 2196 Call 0112178820 before collection.
Retail Store in Sandton City: Eltel Sandton City, located at the Checkers Court on level 4

R3,359.00 R4,599.00

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R16,200.00 R17,999.00

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Blackberry Dtek60 Silver

R6,999.00 R8,999.00
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Sale! Samsung Galaxy J3 Gold

Samsung Galaxy S9 Lilac Purple

R14,899.00 R14,999.00
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Sale! Out of stock Samsung Galaxy Tab E

Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6″ Black

R2,799.00 R3,499.00

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Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ IN STOCK

Sale! S8 PLUS Maple gold
Sale! S8 PLUS Midnight Black
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Apple iPhone 8 / iPhone X - NOW IN STOCK

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Apple iPhone 8 256GB Silver- Import

R11,999.00 R14,999.00
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Apple iPhone 8 64GB Silver -Import

R10,999.00 R13,999.00
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Sale! 1 in stock the sedc

Samsung Galaxy S8 64GB Orchid Grey

R10,999.00 R13,299.00
Sale! the sedc
Sale! 2 in stock loyal

Samsung Galaxy S8 64GB Maple Gold

R10,999.00 R17,999.00
Sale! s8-midnight-b
Sale! Out of stock !!!
Sale! Apple iPhone X 256GB Space Grey
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Apple iPhone X 64GB Space Grey

R15,999.00 R26,999.00
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Sale! note8-cacell-maplegold-650×650

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Maple Gold

R12,999.00 R17,999.00
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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Orchid Grey

R12,999.00 R17,999.00
R3,559.00 R3,999.00
R4,529.00 R4,999.00
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